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Çanakkale Kutlu İnşaat, which started its activities in 1971, has become the leading name of the sector by serving Çanakkale with its experience dating back half a century. Work with Çanakkale in Çanakkale, for Çanakkale; with this idea in mind Çanakkale Kutlu İnşaat has made it a priority to work with locals, contributing to the city's trade flow and also providing employment. Blending its past experience with its innovative vision, it functions on the basis of satisfaction with the principle of contemporary service standards.   

    Çanakkale Kutlu İnşaat, which sets the standards with the projects it has completed so far; is proud of having brought many firsts to Çanakkale with projects such as the Barbaros Hayrettin Paşa Complex, which is Çanakkale's first urban transformation project, Vista Premium Apart, the first foreign investor, and a student dormitory the Top 10 Dormitories In Turkey for 2236 people.

    As Çanakkale Kutlu İnşaat, our first priority is to design buildings that respect people and are sensitive to nature; Our aim in the projects implemented with this vision is to offer you the home of your dreams and investments that gain value. 


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