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The Heart of History and Natural Beauty 

A Unique Life Overlooking the Waters of Assos


The ancient city of Assos, dating back to the 6th century B.C., shows to us that the beauty of Assos was discovered long ago. 

On top of Behramkale, you can find the city ruins dating back 2000 years. 

Home to the first philosophy school in the world founded by Aristotle, Assos was able to maintain its touch with the rich history of the area as one can tell by the rustic and unique stone architecture of the land. 

Vista Premium Assos invites you to live in the center of history and natural beauty. For those looking for peace and quiet, the olive trees surrounding the area and the magnificent blue seas of Assos create the most unforgettable atmosphere for you to wind down. 

Assos is looking for its new residents. 


At the most magnificent spot of Assos

28 luxury villas 

Vista Premium Assos

is just a short 300 meter walk away

from Assos’ popular bays,

Sokakağzı and Sivrice.

All the while providing you

with a full view of the Lesbos island. 

With a panoramic view of the Aegean Sea

from every part of the gated community

starting at the entrance,

Vista Premium Assos consists of

28 ultra luxurious villas

located within 19 acres of land. 

details that ease your life 

Will be a must for you 

Our ultra luxurious Vista Villa, perfectly curated by our team of architects for your comfort, will draw you in with each detail. 



The modern and spacious entrance that welcomes you as soon as you enter your Vista villa is equipped with hidden coat racks for your storage needs.


With varying plot sizes, From 410 square meters to 650 square meters You will be able to watch Assos from a completely different point at any time of the day with our gardens which consists of 3 parts.. Terrace garden, Our garden accessible from the upper floor. Main Garden can be accessed from the kitchen and can include an infinity pool upon request. Hobby garden is there so you can grow your own vegetables and fruits.

Every Hour of the Day

A Different Garden

With site services for your needs

A premium life on Vista 

Vista Premium Assos, designed with your comfort in mind at every step, offers the luxury of a hotel experience in the comfort of your own home. With services such as garden and pool maintenance, and cleaning, all you have to do is simply enjoy your home. The concierge service, ready to assist you in any situation, and the 24/7 security team are dedicated to preserving your peace of mind. The hourly Ring Service provides transportation to Sivrice and Sokakağzı bays, allowing you to reach the nearby beach in just 3 minutes, a mere 15-minute walk away.

With our rental and investment tracking services for your villa in Vista Premium Assos

We manage the challenging processes of owning a home for you.

You only have to enjoy your villa in Assos. 


Property Operating Expense (Dues) Tracking: The timely payment of the tenant's operating expenses to the management and other expenses anticipated to be collected by the management is tracked through the relevant management. In the event of non-payment, the tenant is given a warning, and the property owner is informed via message/email. If payments are not made for two consecutive months, the property owner is presented with waiting and legal action options, and depending on their decision, contact is made with the tenant.

Rental Tracking and Collection: Rental tracking is carried out by our experienced staff, and if payment is delayed for two months, necessary enforcement measures are presented to the property owner and the process is managed accordingly.

Legal Action and Eviction: This includes providing consultancy primarily on matters such as the necessity of eviction due to payments, disputes, contract expiration, and managing any disputes that may arise with the tenant during this process, as well as executing the legal process in line with the property owner's request. During the legal action and eviction process, the property owner receives all services free of charge.

Re-rental: When your Vista villa needs to be re-rented due to contract expiration, the tenant's eviction process and the collection of the property, necessary assessments, maintenance repairs, inclusion in the portfolio for re-rental, and the rental process are included.

Vista Premium Assos - Katalog_edited.png

for those living at the top

With Vista Premium Assos

all the bays are under your feet

You can browse the location of Vista Premium Assos and the surrounding bays on the map.

Vista Premium Assos - Katalog_edited.png

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