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Çanakkale Kutlu İnşaat, şu anda devam eden projeleriyle de dikkat çekmektedir. Bu projeler, müşterilere geniş daire seçenekleri sunmakta ve modern yaşamın gerekliliklerini karşılamaktadır. Şehrin en iyi konumlarında yer alan bu projeler, konforlu ve yaşanabilir alanlar sunmanın yanı sıra yatırım potansiyeli de taşımaktadır. Çanakkale Kutlu İnşaat, müşterilerine sağladığı değerli projelerle birlikte, kentin gelişimine katkıda bulunmaktadır.

• Easy access to the main points of the city

• Unique Çanakkale and Bosphorus view

• Hotel
services at home

• Social areas

• Investment Support Service

We manage your transactions for you with our rental and investment tracking services for your Vista Premium Apart apartment.
Real Estate Tracking
• Dues tracking
• Rent Collection Assurance
• Legal Follow-up and Eviction Support
• Re-Lease Service
Investment Tracking Support
• Legal Support
• Insurance Support
• Tax Tracking


Çanakkale Kutlu İnşaat breaks new ground once again with Vista Premium Apart, Çanakkale's first project with foreign investors. Vista Premium Apart has been designed to provide you the comfort of a hotel with a perfect Bosphorus view. Vista Premium Apart is on a land of 12.000 square meters; It consists of 40 units of 1+1, 40 units of 3+1 and 152 units of 2+1 aparthotels, 4,000 square meters of car park and 6,000 square meters of green space.

Vista Premium Apart, which creates a high standard living space with its hotel concept service, as well as its rich social areas, is the new favorite project of Çanakkale as a lucrative investment. With Vista Premium Apart, which is designed to make your life easier without sacrificing your comfort, you can enjoy the view of the Dardanelles, or you can have a valuable investment.

Our consultancy service, which is ready to answer all your questions, where you can solve all the needs of your apartment with a call.

airport - 9 minute

Hospital- 2 minute

mall- 5 minute

AVM -6 minutes

How soon can I reach from Vista Premium Apart?

  • Real Estate's Operating Expenses (Fees) Tracking

  • Rental Tracking and Collection

  • Legal pursuit and eviction

  • Re-Lease

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